Paulies Range ...



     All of Paulies products are availible in:
     • 70VG, 30PG, and 50ml bottles
    • 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine content



    Ripe, ready, and perfectly sweet pears; as if plucked by Demeter, goddess of the Harvest, herself. An authentic soft and juicy, thick pulp, fresh pear juice.


    Coffee Cake

    An Artemis, wild goddess of the Hunt, favourite. Delicious moist sponge cake drenched in espresso coffee and beautifully finished with a nutty sweetness.


    Lemon Ice Tea

    Invigorating, like a splash in a waterfall with the water nymph, Neda. Freshly squeezed lemon spliced with a full leaf tea flavour; refreshment from the heavens. A beautiful, tangy and sweet all day treat.

    Pistachio Ice-cream

    A scoop full of vanilla ice-cream sprinkled with fresh pistachio nuts. Fit for the gods; no guilt, just pure indulgence.



    Our flagship flavour; Paulies’ Aphrodite. Revitalise your taste buds with this pure nectar. Cool refreshing guava juice on a hot summer’s day.


    Strawberry Lemon Cake

    The Athena of e-vapes, Strawberry-Lemon-Cake is a delicious tarty strawberry cake that will leave you mouthwatering. Smooth, fluffy and bursting with strawberry goodness. Made for desire.



    Apricot Donut

    What would life be without a little fun? Amuse the gods with this South African favorite: a delicious sugary donut with a hint of cinnamon; filled with fresh smooth apricot jam.


    Blueberry Cupcake

    Vanilla cupcake topped of with the thick creamy blueberry topping making your mouth water for more!


    Coffee Ginger Biscuit

    For all our Coffee Cake lovers this one will be making you want more and more…Just like waking up in the morning and having your favorite Ginger biscuit dunked in coffee! YUM!!