The Myth


    Step aside Zeus: In true Greek-mythology style, Paulies E-Liquid is fast becoming a major competitor of the (vaping) Cosmos.

    Our mixologist creates his ethereal e-juices with uncompromising passion and dedication.


    The Legend of Paulie


    When Paul “Paulie” Phillipides started mixing vape juices a few years ago,it was purely for his own personal use. As good buddies do, Paulie began sharing his creations among friends, and much to everyone’s surprise, he seemed to have a knack for it.

    You can’t keep a good thing down so Paulie launched his own signature line which has fast become one of South Africa’s premium and most respected juices.

    Quiet, but with a wicked sense of humor, Paulie’s knowledge about mixing has been called a phenomenon. His greater purpose is to create the best juices with the most realistic flavours, often starting with a real food recipe; he breaks down and combines flavours until he has perfectly matched the genuine character.

    Never one to settle, Paulie will literally go through dozens of trial and error tests to ensure he brings the most authentic vapes to you.

    Forsake all the rules you know about the world; create new ones.


    You’ve heard the Myth, now it’s time to experience it for yourself.


    “Thank you to everyone who has lent advice and support over the years which has allowed us to enter the vaping ring. Raise your mod; this juice is for you!”

    - Paul